Forward 4 Love

One of the best ways to begin making an impact in the area of TDVA is to get started in your community! Join a local committee, go to events, start a club at your school! There are so many ways to get involved. Join us February 11th at Label Charlotte for the Forward 4 Love Youth Event! There will be free food, a dance floor, free resources, and a live DJ! Join us to promote healthy relationships this February!


It's Time To Talk Week

Hosted by Break the Cycle's Love Is Not Abuse (LINA) Coalition, It’s Time To Talk Week is an annual awareness event aimed at generating conversations about healthy relationships and preventing teen dating abuse during February. 


This year's It's Time To Talk Week is February 1-3, 2017. To learn more about how you can get involved, visit the Break the Cycle website and download the It's Time To Talk Week guide

Also, view these tips by our co-founder and LINA Ambassador, Natasha, on how to host a successful It's Time To Talk Week event! 

It's Time to Talk about teen dating abuse. Love is Not Abuse Ambassador, Natasha Johnson, gives us some tips and tricks for hosting an event, starting the conversation, and more! FB: @breakthecycle Twitter: @breakthecycledv Instagram: @breakthecycle Snapchat: breakthecycledv

10 Lifestyle Tips from Samantha Busch

Samantha Busch, Wife of NASCAR Driver Kyle Busch. Lifestyle Blogger.

Samantha Busch, Wife of NASCAR Driver Kyle Busch. Lifestyle Blogger.

Samantha Busch is a well respected lifestyle blogger often posting tips on fitness, beauty, and fashion on her website We asked this trendsetter for her top lifestyle advice and how we can generally improve our confidence. Samantha provided these amazing tips below. Enjoy!


1. Love Who You Are

There is no one “correct” size, shape or look. God made us all different for a reason and we should embrace that. Look whatever way makes you happy and if you want a change, make sure it is for yourself and no one else! Just because a certain hair cut, outfit or make-up look may not be “in style” at the moment, if it makes you feel good about yourself, rock it! The best look you can have that never goes out of style is the look of confidence!

2. Breakfast Is the Most Important Part of the Day

You’re busy and on-the-go, I get it. You don’t want to wake up even earlier than usual just to cook a healthy breakfast, I get that too. As a fellow non-morning person, I feel your pain so I opt for cereal but I make it a power-packed, energy-boosting mega bowl of cereal! I mix Special K Protein Plus with a high fiber cereal and a flax seed-based cereal and then top it with blueberries, strawberries, raspberries or bananas (or a combo of one or two) and a mixture of flax, hemp and chia seeds. I add some unsweetened almond milk on top and there you go...breakfast is served. When you eat a healthy breakfast, it not only jumpstarts your metabolism to burn extra calories all day, it also helps you not over indulge later in the day.

3. Always Be Nice to People

Nowadays, social media has become nothing but a place for people to hide behind a screen and pick on other people. Don’t lower yourself to these standards. You are better than that. Instead of being quick to criticize someone, build them up. You never know what someone is facing in their life or what internal battle they are struggling with at that moment. Your kind words may be the one thing that helps them that day.

4. Work It Out

Try to workout, even just for a little bit, five days a week. Working out doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym and lifting weights. It can be anything active. Grab a friend and try a Zumba class, take the dog for a long, brisk walk, run stairs in your apartment complex, take a bike ride or rollerblade with your significant other...just get moving and get that heart pumping! A workout routine that you dread or find boring will never work so find activities or routines that you really enjoy and fit your lifestyle. If you are tight on money, don’t worry, push that coffee table out of the way in the living room and hit up YouTube and Pinterest for some effective free workouts!

5. Skin Care Now, Beautiful Ageless Skin Later

You may not think it’s a big deal to go to bed with make-up on but, trust me, it is. It will clog your pores and enlarge them and, years later, you can still be left with acne scars and enlarged pores. One of my favorite cleansers for all skin types is Cetaphil which you can find at the grocery store. It’s gentle on your skin yet effective at removing your makeup and helps to keep your skin blemish free. Also, be sure to wear sun block everyday in order to ward off damaging UVA and UVB rays and to help prevent dark spots on your face and pre-mature aging.

6. Be Grateful

Take a few minutes each day to reflect on the things for which you are grateful. Keep a journal or list of several things each day. Sometimes things can get difficult or you may have a bad day so it’s good to be able to reflect on the positives. There is always something to be grateful for...if you wake up in the morning with your health, that’s a wonderful blessing!

7. Hydrate

Drinking plenty of water every day has so many benefits, I can’t even begin to tell you! It’s so important to keep your body hydrated. It can help with food cravings, headaches, skin complexion, regularity, energy levels and so much more. It’s just so good for your body and mind! Try to drink eight to 10 eight ounce glasses per day and make a note of the changes you see. Hopefully it will turn into a habit!

8. Be Prepared with Healthy Snacks

What’s that funny word people use? “Hangry?” (Defined as a ‘state of anger caused by lack of food?’) Yes, I think that definitely happens to all of us! Make sure you eat enough during the day...three balanced meals and two to three snacks per day. Contrary to what some may tell you, it’s not the best idea to eat as little as possible during the day. Your body will go into protection mode and store fat plus you’ll lack the energy and focus you need to get through the day. There are so many healthy snack options and snack packs to grab nowadays: baby carrots, almonds, protein packs with meat and cheese, apples with nut butter, bananas. Get in the habit of taking some time over the weekend to prepare some snacks for the week to have on hand in addition to your meals. If you’re prepared, you won’t get “hangry” and you’ll make smart decisions when eating, ensuring you get the vitamins and nutrients you need.

9. Trust Your Gut

I find this to be a general rule of thumb about almost everything: If you have a bad feeling about something then your instinct is probably right so avoid it! This can apply to friends, boyfriends/significant others, work, conversations, situations...anything! Trust your gut and don’t let people sway you from what you know is not right.

10. Have a Few Closet Go-Tos

Knowing your style and what looks good on you can really build up your confidence so spend some time really trying to figure out what you like and buy a few pieces that reflect that style. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to invest in your style or a trend. There are plenty of stores where you can find affordable pieces in the hottest trends. Make a Pinterest board for your ideal look and pin anything and everything...even places and things that might give you inspiration. Then pick out two or three pieces where you’d like to try and reflect that style: a blazer, a handbag or clutch, a statement necklace, a bold graphic decide!

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