Welcome to the new With One Word website. Follow our blog for the latest news, updates, and personal stories of hope. My name is Natasha and I am one of the founders of the With One Word initiative. It is my hope to share personal stories here and help you feel welcome to our family. Many additions will be added to this site as we grow. We have many goals and look forward to reaching out to and meeting new people. Feel free to always contact us with your story, questions, and needs. As you look around this website you will see many pictures of individuals, mountains and nature, and even a pretty cool Bald Eagle chillin, literally, on an iceberg. While we do love nature and the freedom from distractions it brings us, we include pictures like this as they are a symbol of hope, power, strength and freedom. These are all things we strive for in our personal lives and for your life. This is a safe place. As a victim of Emotional and Verbal Abuse myself for over 5 years, I too have struggled with finding help and freedom. Often we are embarrassed to talk about it or simply have no idea who to talk to. Any information provided on this website is 100% confidential. You are welcome to inquire privately for steps to freedom and healing or even to just share your story. This is a judge free zone. You are not alone......please let us help as we have experienced the same pain and sadness that you may be feeling now. We hope we can show you there is a better future ahead for your life!

With Love,