A New Beginning...

For months I've been looking for the right time to move forward and announce this With One Word initiative and share my story. This is a very hard blog to write because I do not really know how to begin discussing this issue and to an extent it will never be understood except from people who have felt the same way. Originally founded in 2008 by my parents, I have not done much for this registered non-profit foundation except reside on its Board until now. Recently, we decided to relaunch the foundation expanding on its purpose and extending the mission to my generation. 

I couldn't think of any better name than With One Word to represent my cause and my story. It sums it all up! With One Word we have the power to either destroy or empower a life. Unfortunately, I had to learn the power of words and hands that destroy. I am a victim of Verbal and Emotional Abuse. I don't really like the word victim, it seems so harsh. I choose not to have a victim mentality however. Instead I choose to help others and empower them in situations similar to mine. I believe it's important for some to know more the depths of my story so that they can gain hope in their own life that they too can be free and happy, which I will address on a one to one manner. For others, I think this will enlighten some what. 

Have you ever felt paraliyzed by the ones that supposively loved you the most? Whether that be a parent, friends, or significant other, it all hurts the same. I never have been one to let anyone push me around, yet I found myself trapped in a situation I could not get out of for years. Everytime I'd try to escape I couldn't. And I know there are others that feel the same. I know there are others that are being manipulated, controlled, and physically assaulted. And I know, they want to be free. For some, it's a matter of finances. It's a fear of how can I get away and sustain myself? Where will me and my children live? For others, they try to leave but the abuser won't let them go. They come back with "I'm Sorry" and "I have changed" or any words or actions that will convince you that this time it will be different. Whatever reason you have to stay, whatever fear that is keeping you bound and hopeless, I want you to know that you do not have to settle for that life. You don't have to live in depression, self-infliction, or addictions. You don't have to feel unloved or ugly because someone keeps speaking those words over you to control you. But......it all begins with you. You have to make a choice to WANT to be free. The good news is, all you have to do is take one step at a time. Take each day at a time. And eventually, you'll be able to see again. 

This Initiative is for everyone. Regardless of gender, age, race and whatever differences you may feel you have. This Initiative also isn't just for those who have suffered through some kind of abuse or Domestic Violence. Whether you are concerned for a loved one, interested in helping others, or just agree with the cause, I hope you consider joining us in believing for a better future. 

I promise you this one thing.....I will not back down! What's the point of going through so much pain and suffering if you never use it for good. I don't want that hurt to define me. I want to define it! And I will always fight for those that don't feel strong enough to fight for themselves. 

With Love,